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A Long Distance Radio Signal Repeater (Manpack, Vehicle Mounted, and Fixed Station) with numerous functions and features:


Comart’s 50 W Smart Manpack / Mobile Radio is different from ordinary Single Function Mobile Radios, but more like a Smartphone. Smart Radio contains an independent operating system that not only allows users to customize the two-way radio of the APP but also comprises various types of protocols. Every protocol of the two-way radio will be explained by the DSP prompt information. With the capability of communicating with radios with multiple functions by one device, including DMR, p25, or analog radio devices, and no need to preset or pre-program the parameters. The M2 is a Radio and Repeater dual-mode mobile that combines the functionalities of both.


Support Both Digital and Analog Systems


Support protocols of both Analog and Digital systems at the same time, and the coexistence of both Analog and Digital systems. Both Analog and Digital signals can be compatible in one frequency channel. The device will distinguish and decrypt the receiving signal as well as select the transmission mode automatically, so the transition from analog to digital mode is smoother and easier. 


Repeater Mode R&R (Radio and Repeater)


Sometimes, when users are on a mission there is a need to temporarily expand the mission areas due to some special circumstance. Users are often limited by the distance of communication and this causes a delay in receiving the commands that need to be transferred to the members. Comart provides an R&R function which allows the user’s M2 to be a radio in general situations. However, when an expanded distance of communication is needed, users can switch the radio to the repeater mode. The radio on hand can then instantly be used as a repeater, doubling the distance of communications and extending the coverage area of communications by four times.


GPS Location Report and Map Information Display


Image Transmission: GPS location, voice, and text memo can be attached to the photos, and users can transmit the photos by M2. The receivers are able to check the photos and the notes of photos from the M2 directly.


Possession of a Database Which Can Be Transmitted by Direct Connection or Remotely


With the possession of the Database, missing persons, stolen vehicles, wanted criminals, construction drawings, map, weather conditions, and so forth can be sent to the M2 by using the control panel, remote PC, or by a direct connection so that users can check information on the database instantly. Also, saved data in M2 can be shared with the other users.


Encrypted Communication


With the exclusive techniques on DVOA (Digital Voice over Analog), the M2 is capable of digital encrypted communication, such as AES-256, over both Digital and Analog systems. It highly enhances the performance of encryption and lowers the costs of traditional analog systems, ensuring the communication is safe and secure. Meanwhile, users benefit from the great communication quality of Digital systems; even when using the Analog system.


Over the Air Command (OTA)


M2 supports powerful Over the Air Command function. Captains have the ability to transmit the following commands to members’ devices: 1. Remote monitoring and recording; 2. Temporary prohibition of reception and transmission; 3. Kill the designated radios over the air and erase all the information in it; 4. Report the GPS location of the member’s radio remotely; 5. Remove the time limit of communication temporarily; 6. Add/ delete channels temporarily; 7. Remote control the system.


One Device with Multiple Usage


M2 can be used as a manpack radio, a vehicle-mounted radio, and even a console radio. Of course, placing it in the rack is not a problem! It is also a Radio & Repeater dual-mode mobile with the cross-frequency band (WLB vs VHF or UHF or 700/800MHz) and crosses Analog & Digital protocols, which is able to support the demanded communication system in every on-site scenario.




The Man-down alert, fall alert, still alert and the emergency button are inbuilt in the M2. Whenever there is an urgent situation, M2 can ignore the “Channel Busy” mode and transmit the mayday with the greatest power output automatically. After receiving the mayday, the captain can send out the OTA command to the radios and request the radios to report back the auto GPS location and indicate the location on a map. The remote monitoring function can also be activated to monitor the voice of the scene and communicate with the scene directly.


Flexible and Numerous Types of Power Supply


A large capacity battery can be purchased as optional, which allows communication without a vehicle power supply or city power needed.






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