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Comart has developed a solution to the tow service industry.  Comart’s Tow Truck Radio Communication Monitoring Solution consists of Comart ‘s Tow Truck charging cradle and G-series Voice pager as radio monitor.

Comart ‘s Tow Truck charging cradle contains speaker amplifiers and the size of the cradle is much smaller than the general mobile radio. This means that installing the Comart Tow Truck solution is simple and easy, saving installation time and costs.

Comart ‘s Tow Truck Solution utilizes the G-series Voice pager as radio monitor and it does not need to perform TGID / SUID registration over the radio network to listen to radio messages. Therefore, the G-Series Voice pager does not interfere with the radio network and keeps the TGID stable so tow truck drivers do not need to frequently change the TGID that they want to listen to.

If you need to modify the TGID, you only need tomodify the TGID in Comart ‘s APP, which allows you to easily modify yourself with no need to pay an additional cost for reprogramming TGID.



The Comart MCPE is a total communications solution packaged in a single console, offering our users a smart platform to interconnect their various different communication systems. From phone calls to radios, or from sending SMS to data messages, the MCPE will handle it all, regardless of the source of data. Texting your radio, radioing your phone, or talking with your radio through VoIP… all this (and more) will be within its capabilities. 

Traditionally, Emergency Dispatch Centers broadcast to all public safety personnel in the field using Voice Pagers, but can only do so once they have finished receiving the emergency call. Some Emergency Dispatch Centers have chosen to use the mobile phone network to send Text Messages to personnel in the field, to give them a short text-based briefing of the situation; however, this cannot be done through the public safety network, which presents a risk in critical missions.

Comart developed the Voice Pager Text Message Solution to allow for Firefighters to receive the fastest, most up to date information on the fire scene, and to protect both life and property.

Dispatch centers can now swiftly send out vital text and image information as they are receiving emergency calls, and they can send the messages directly through the public safety communications network, right into a firefighter’s pager. This not only saves valuable money spent on sending text messages, but also be done without changing a single thing in the existing Dispatch system.

The Comart Text Message Solution is designed to work with nearly every system used by fire and safety personnel, whether it is Analog or Digital Protocols (DMR, P25 Conventional, P25 Trunking). The console also has Call Alert or Quick Call II options for any dispatch systems that requires them.

The R-Series Micro Site System is specially designed for solving the critical problems of existing P25 systems. It extends existing P25 System into marginal areas or new coverage areas, and its easy installation of sites in remote areas widens the P25 coverage. Also, the cost of additional trunking sites could be very cost prohibitive and installation time costly. With stacked design of the Micro Site System, it allows gradual expansion of the system to improve the “marginal coverage” issue whenever you want. Unlike the expensive additional trunking sites, the R-Series Micro Site System is more cost-saving. No more budgetary pressure!

The Comart’s Cafeteria Dispatch System is coming soon! Stay tuned!

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