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Dear customer, you are very welcome to participate in the 30-day free trial of Comart products. Before you decide to participate in the 30-day free trial activity, please read the following carefully to ensure your rights and obligations.
The Rights and Obligations of a User in this Activity
  ● Rights Owned by Users
  1. Users can enjoy FREE trial service of Comart products for 30 days. (The trial period is from the time the user receives the trial product)
  2. If users have any questions about their use during the 30-day trial, they can contact the professional Comart staff, and there will be someone to provide troubleshooting services.
  3. If the user finds that there is a problem with the trial product during the trial period and cannot continue the trial, he may apply to suspend the trial. The trial period continues to be calculated until the alternative sample is received. (When this happens, the user needs to send the defective product back to Comart).
  4. If the user wants to terminate the trial contract in advance due to some reasons (such as wanting to purchase a new product in advance or dislike this trial product) before the trial period expires, he only needs to inform Comart and send the product back to Comart to terminate the trial contract.
  ● Obligations of Users
  1. In order to ensure that users can enjoy excellent trial quality, in the trial period, users must not deliberately destroy or damage the trial products. Force majeure factors such as accidents and natural disasters during the trial period are not limited to this (provided that proof is provided and approved by Comart).
  2. Do not disassemble the trial product during the trial (also prohibit reassembly of the product after disassembly). Once this behavior is discovered, Comart reserves the right to terminate the trial contract early.
  3. In order to allow Comart to provide users with better products and services, users can share your trial experience and differences in product recommendations with C
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