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Comart’s 50 W Smart Desktop Radio is different from ordinary Single Function Mobile Radios, but more like a Smartphone. Smart Radio contains an independent operating system that not only allows users to customize the two-way radio of the APP but also comprises various types of protocols. Every protocol of the two-way radio will be explained by the DSP prompt information. With the capability of communicating with radios with multiple functions by one device, including DMR, p25, or analog radio devices, and no need to preset or pre-program the parameters. The M2 is a Radio and Repeater dual-mode mobile that combines the functionalities of both.

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The U3 Radio is a handheld specifically designed for organizations relating to Public Safety, and Homeland Security. It is a Multiple Protocol SDR (Software Defined Radio) Radio, with Analog and Digital in a single device; in addition, it can automatically detect the incoming signal and switch recieving modes, with no reprogramming required. With P25 and DMR capability, the U3 can serve in many different environmental conditions with its diverse selection of 12 different band models (LB, VHF, UHF, 700/800).

Its capabilities include sending images, on-screen GPS mapping, R&R repeater mode, and Bluetooth interoperability. The U3 Radio will solve the varied problems that you so often face, and provide you with the radio that your unit needs.

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