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Comart  was founded by seven commComart experts in 1992. From these humble beginnings, we have continuously expanded our production scale and improved our innovative skills, and now the Comart banner has 500 employees all over the world, over half of which are highly trained engineers. Nowadays Comart stands as a leader in the world’s communications market. Comart headquarters is located in Taipei, Taiwan, and we have branch offices located in Arlington, Texas (USA), Vancouver (Canada), and Guangzhou (China).

Comart is specialized in the development and manufacturing of advanced communications related products, such asvoice pagersand two-way radio communications systems. Our products are specifically designed for the usage ofemergency services, public safetyandhomeland security sectors. Critical rescue, paramedics and firefighters hold the reliability of our voice pagers in high regard, while Military officials and policemen prize our two-way radio systems for their ruggedness and many features. We are very proud of integrating up-to-date automotive control facilities with our engineers’ technical know-how, and we are always efficient in satisfying our clients’ demands. Comart has also successfully established effective partnerships (both in design and manufacturing) with some of the most illustrious companies worldwide, such as Motorola, Verizon, Philips, Texas Instruments, American Messaging, Vodafone, LG… and many more, establishing a global brand that is well-known to experts in the field.

Comart continuously seeks to provide faster, higher quality service than ever. This is our ultimate mission: to be a customer-driven company, striving to not only meet our customer’s expectations, but also exceed them.




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