Guangzhou ComArt Communications Equipment
G3/G4 Voice Pager

Unique Feature       


  • Single Band---VHF or UHF or 700-800MHz
  • DMR +Analog 
  • P25 Trunking 
  • P25 Conventional
  • Out of range alert
  • Location of Incident GPS
  • 32 Minutes Voice Storage
  • 32 Mintues Voice Memo
  • Image Transfer
  • Bluetooth
  • Ruggered Housing
  • 2 Years Standard Warranty /3 years Addition Available
  • Dual band---VHF+UHF/VHF+700-800MHz/UHF+700-800MHz

Now ,The World's First Digital P25 &DMR&Analog Voice Pager release is for SHIPPING!

The world's first digital IP67 Voice Pager supporting multi P25 system--Comart G4 have been released in October ,2015 is considered as a huge breakthrough device.As we know ,now pager just have been available for analog radio systems,not digital ones, so force some agencies to rely on outdated base stations to alert their volunteer firefighters.

Firefighters will be able to carry the G4 and receive alert tones &voice messages on their agency's talk group ,just as they do with analog pagers.The G4 looks like a colorful souped-up smartphone ,featuring 64 radios talk groups,32 minutes of audio storage, text messaging ,GPS mapping location of emergencies and even bluetooth connectivity.

Operating on the 700 & 800Mhz band. It workds like a digital scanner. and can be software programmed for mulitple P25 systems and mulitple talk groups .The G4 can also search for active control channels .If the user wants to find new or unknown systems.Now ,Comart can provide the voice pager ,a combination of 80MHz digital and VHF or UHF analog ,for users who need both while their departments migrate to all P25 systems.

The Boston Fire Department has expressed intrest in purchasing about 200 G4 pagers for its officers,so they won't have to carry portable radios while off duty .G4 will be meeting with the Department of Homeland Security about how the G4 might be used on a federal level .

The G4 Digital Voice  Pager is dustproof ,waterproof and submersible in up to three feet of water for 30 minutes ,reaches IP 67 rating .



The world's First Digital Dual Mode Dual Band Voice Fire Pager

  • Dual Mode Available (Analog & Digital FDMA and TDMA)
  • Auto Detect Signal, System Auto Switch to Designated System
  • Support Signaling: POCSAG/FLEX/CTCSS/CDCSS/2-tone paging /5_6 tone/DTMF encode &decode/MDC-1200/P25 Conventional and trunked/DMR conventional and trunked system
  • Built-in Free Scan List
  • Unclear Message Auto /Manual Re-get Clear Dispatch Message
  • GSM Auto Ack(acknowledge)/Response for Dispatch Center GSM
  • Display the emergency on-site map on the pager
  • Periodically notify the current location of pager user for dispatch convenience of the Dispatch Centre


Key Specifications


General Specification Usage Environment Temperature / Humidity -20 ~ 60OC / 5~95% RH, Non-Condensing
Frequency VHF (MHz)

Main Channel / Secondary Channel

Low Band: 29~88MHz (voice pager only)

VHF Band: 136~174MHz

UHF: 330~520MHz

700/800MHz Band: 764~870MHz (voice pager only)

900MHz Band: 929~932MHz (POCSAG/FLEX only)

numbers /


Channel numbers 256
Channel Spacing KHz 6.25/10/12.5/20/25

RF Paging

Frequency Stability ± 1ppm
Sensitivity/ Alerting 2-tone ≦ 2.5μV/m

5-tone ≦ 3.5μV/m, MDC1200 ≦5.5 μV/m
Spurious Rejection ≧ 70dB
Image Rejection ≧ 70dB
Co-Channel Rejection > -8dB
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