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M1 Smart Mobile Radio
M1 Digital  Mobile Radio 30-88MHz/VHF/UHF

M1 is a high-powered U3 radio actually, have similar function with portable U3/U4 radio. Using split design, divided into the control panel (Control Head Unit) and Radio Unit of two parts:

A radio unit can connect up to 4 CHUs (Control Head Unit), CHU can be placed at different locations in car, can control the radio by CHU anywhere in car, furthermore, we also provide another advance wireless similar iPad type CHU.

Special Feature

  • WLB(30-88MHz)/VHF(136-174MHz)/UHF(330-476MHz)/700-800M Band.
  • Transmit power model: 15W, 50W, 75W, 100W.
  • Automatically detects multiple protocols in real time transmitted by repeater or other portables.
  • M1 mobile radio can be switched by operator via Control unit to be a single channel repeater (UniSCR™) .
  • Two Channel repeater: Connect two M1’s together using the Auxiliary port to provide 2 frequency repeater. Connect one M1 RF to the duplexer input and the second M1 RF to the duplex output.
  • Telemetry interface: Connect M1 general purpose IO to 3rd party equipment for monitoring and control, or to the J1850 vehicle electronic bus system.
  • Microphone background noise reduction.
  • Image & Data transmission.
  • AES-256 UniSecure™ for voice and data on DVOA™ and P25 digital modes.
  • GPS Location mapping.
  • Location when GPS signal is lost: Dead reckoning 3D Gyroscope, compass and 3D accelerometer module. 9 degree sensor module.
  • Multiple Control unit operation: Can connect up to 4 control units to each M1 radio unit.
  • Ethernet Interface, supports IP site connection.


Flexible Installation

  • Desktop

Install on desktop, work with external speaker-mic and antenna

  • Carry Bag

Install in Carry Bag, easy to carry

  • Rack

Install in standard Rack case, or add a portable to carry.

  • Separate

Separate the front panel, main unit can be installed on trunk.


 Key Specification

Key Specification

Frequency Range 30~88MHz(WLB), 136~174MHz(VHF), 330~520MHz(UHF)
Zone & Channel Capacity Up to 1024 Channels & 64 Zones
Power Output 15/50/75W(WLB) 15/50/100W(VHF), 15/50/100W(UHF)
Channel Space 25KHz/12.5KHz
Audio Distortion Better than 2%
Sensitivity 5% BER: <=-110dbm
Dimensions Radio Unit:270*160*57mm Control Head Unit: 160*82*22mm
Power Supply M1 radio and Control can operate with both12VDC or 24VDC vehicle batteries
Weight <2kg
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