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BR01 Digital & Analog Repeater

  • Description

BR01 is the first digital & analog repeater produced by Comart Co., Ltd, who is the innovators of professional digital conventional communication system. Its function is powerful and it has a wide range of use. With a strong control system, it can directly manage and monitor the portable radios within the scope of, which let the users can quickly and effectively do personnel scheduling. BR01 can integrate a variety of radio communication system, and combined with network and other communications system interface, making communication mode more convenient and diversified. In addition, BR01 is compatible with digital and analog signals, which will be the best choice for your analog communication to digital communication.


  • Key Feature

Digital & Analog Compatibility, Automatic Switchover

Support for digital and analog modes, accept analog/digital/FDMA/TDMA mode of voice signal at the same time. It will choose the work channel automatically according to the received signal type, which will be the best choice for your analog communication to digital communication.


Signal Relay

Be able to relay digital and analog signals, according to the priority of signals. Support the function of signal transmission between different frequency and wireless roaming.


AES-256 Digital Encryption Technology

By the U.S. federal government certification of the highest level digital encryption technology——AES-256, it can greatly reduce the possibility of being tapped to ensure the safety of your communication.


External System Connection Function

Can connect a variety of external systems(PSTN、GSM、VOIP, etc), and the users can leave message in their channel, which will be relay to the place they want to.  


Communication monitoring function

Can real-time record the calls relayed by the repeater, and also can back up the messages relayed by the repeater.

Whit the console, it can real-time listen to the ongoing calls through the network, interrupt the calls between radios and call the radio at the highest authority.

Can check the signal coverage and detect the state of radios within the coverage.

Can record the radios’ GPS locations and send it to the console to be a pathways database.


Remote Operation

Supports remote operation (connect to the internet by IP or WIFI), and can monitor the machines’ state with console, which can realize the set of changing the function and greatly improve work efficiency.


The Power Is Up To 100W

There many power modes to be choose, and the highest power is up to 100W. It greatly increases the coverage of the system and decreases the number of installed equipment so that allows you to save money.


Automatic Notification Scope

BR01 can determine whether or not you within the scope of communications according to the signal, then show it in your portable radio. When you are out of the scope of communication, it can tell you the way to come back the scope of communication or timely through other ways to communicate, such as mobile phone. It is greatly convenient to you and making you communicate easily. 


Double Call Capacity

Using Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) digital technology, it greatly improves the utilization rate of the spectrum and the capacity is twice traditional FDMA system. It not only saves the frequency resource, but also decreases the expenditure on the equipment.    


Wireless IP Network

According to the requirements of the system, BR01 cooperated with other equipment extended to digital cluster solution, can realize the function of system dispatcher and cluster management with the cooperation of dispatcher station.


Support Multiple Communication Protocols

BR01 Repeater automatically recognizes the communications protocol used by the air signals, then corrects and relays. The type it support as follows:

①Analog Mode:CTCSS/CDCSS,2/5Tone,MDC1200

②Analog/Digital Mode:UniDVOA(Digital Voice Over Analog)

③Digital Mode:P25

④Digital Mode:DMR

More Application Functions And Secondary Development

According to your special needs in the work, we can custom the data applications for you.


  •  Specifications

A. TX01 Unit General Specifications

B. CR01 Unit General Specifications

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