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U4 Digital & Analog Portable Radio

The First Portable Built-in Camera——U4 Digital & Analog Portable


A new generation of Comart U4 series Digital & Analog smart portable, which was taken as the enhanced U3 Portable, not only own the unimaginable high voice quality, AES-256 level digital encryption or equipped with FIPS140-2 Level 3 professional encryption module, but also built 2M camera in the portable in the world for the first time, which let you can finish the filming of images, video, and transmission them to other all by itself. In the same time, U4 Portable add the function of GPS returns and map displayed on its screen, and so on. 

U4 portable radios, is your best choice to work with.

-Taking photos and videos, sending pictures to your partner any where any time.

-Show the GPS and mark yourself and your team member’s location in the portable.

-Can be taken as digital repeater under DMR TDMA mode, which can make the communication distance more than one time. With the Comart helium balloon or UAV, it can quickly form a large network.

2.Key description

Digital & analog compatibility

Supporting digital and analog mode, Compatible digital and analog signals in the same channel, automatically determine the received signal and decode it, automatically selects the transmitted signal mode to achieve the replacement of analog radio to digital radio smooth transition.

Unique radio detection positioning function

Unique radio detection positioning function of Comart U4 Series, using three portable scan radio signal in the same time, can quickly get the GPS of the radio which is transmit information so that you can know the location of the enemy you want.  

GPS location automatically returns and map displayed

Built-in GPS positioning system, the location information can be automatically reported to the crew or the control center. With the 2-inch color screen and built-in electronic maps, U4 radio can directly display the map and mark the loctation of their own and other team members on the radio screen, which allows you to quickly grasp more accurately the distribution and movement situation crew.

Used as repeater under DMR standard

Under the DMR standard, U3 Radio can be used as a portable repeater, so that the communication distance is doubled.

Reduce cost! One U4 Portable with many Mini Cell can be a small scale short distance wireless network communication system

Taking U4 portable as the AP of the wireless network communication system, and Comart Mini Cell as terminals, which can be a a small scale short distance wireless network communication system. In the outdoor Mini Cell can communicate with each other within 200 meters, but just 50 meters indoor. The U4 portable which was used as the AP no matter calls other U4 portable or was called, the Mini Cell can also receive the call. So that using Mini Cell as terminals means extending the capacity of the portable, which can reduce your budget to a great extent. It is your best choice in short distance wireless network communication system.     

Take photo and transfer image

With built-in camera, You can capture live images, such as fire scene,and attached in the photo with GPS location information, voice annotation, text annotation and so on. Users can send photos via radio frequency, the receiver can display directly on the radio on the photo and see annotation information.

Bluetooth module-the Class 1 standard

The U4 portable built-in Class1 Bluetooth Module can make you use the wireless shoulder microphone built-in Class1 Bluetooth module within 100M, which can give you much convenience when you are working.

External power amplifier module

U4 portable creatively extern power amplifier module up to 50W, which is far high than the portable with 5W power at present. It makes you do not worry about the power can’t meet you, and you can select the suitable power amplifier module according to your requirements to extern communication distance. 

Database query function

U4 has a database function, so that you can use the control panel or personal computer send the Missing Persons, car theft, Wanted, construction drawings, maps, weather conditions and other data to the radio by using the remote or direct connection,, which allow the radio users real-time access to such information. In addition, the data stored-in radios can send by radio to radio.

Encryption(Also can be customized FIPS140-2 Level 3 professional encryption module)

AES-256 level, Applies to both analog and digital modes, and fully guarantee the safety of your communications while allowing you enjoy digital-grade voice call quality even in analog systems.


U4 built-in emergency alarm button, has the function of fallen alarm, falling alarm and still alarm. In case of emergency, U4 will automatically ignore the channel busy issue and send a distress signal in maximum output power. After receiving a distress signal, the captain can send OTA to command the radio automatically to returns the GPS location which can be displayed on the screen of the captain’s radio. Captain can also start remote monitoring function, directly monitoring on-site voice or communicating whit the on-site radio.

The auxiliary system of the howitzer with GPS accurate location,which is a necessary fighting tool for the army

Using auxiliary system of the howitzer with GPS accurate location, the portable can automatically calculate the zone of fallen shell, and mark it on the map of the portables which ask for help, alarming the members away from this zone.  

Mark the dangerous zone with GPS location, support you working in the forest fire rescue operations

U4 Portable built-in the GPS location marked the dangerous zones, will remind the fireman of the dangerous zone or Fire area. If the fireman enters the dangerous zones, it will raise the alarm and help him get away safely.

Super capacity battery, make your portable can work a longer time

In order to make sure your portable working time meet your need when you have to be outside a long time, we equip two super capacity batteries ( 35mm 4600mA / 63mm 9240mA battery ) for U4 portable. Since then you don’t have to worry about battery when you are working with U4 portable.   


Good Quality

By ALT (product life accelerated aging) tests; meet U.S. military standard MIL-STD-810 C / D / E / F / G; through the U.S. FCC certification; Certified by IC in Canada; U3 waterproof IP67 dust and waterproof rating models through certification in harsh environments can be used normally. 

Connectivity, and fit easily into existing system

Equipped with Comart general vocoder, U4 portable can connect to many digital portable of mainstream brand, such as Motorola and Hytera. In addition, it can communicae with any other analog portable, making it easily fit into existing system. Using U4 portable can offer you a best way from analog communication system to digital communication system without any obstacle.    

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