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U3 Digital & Analog Smart Radio

Tactical Encrypted Security GPS Portable Radio 30-88MHz/VHF/UHF

  • Description

The U3 Digital & Analog Portable is a smart radio produced by Comart, which have the independent operating system, built-in multiple communication protocols. It can communicate with many radio built-in different protocols, including DMR, P25 radio.

U3 portable has get the following authenticate, which can ensure U3 outstanding performance in harsh environments :


-MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G

-FCC and IC


  • Key Features

  Digital & Analog Dual Mode

Supporting digital and analog modes,Compatible digital and analog signals in the same channel, Automatically determine the received signal and decode it, automatically selects the transmitted signal mode to achieve the replacement of analog radio to digital radio smooth transition.


GPS Automatically Returns And Map Displayed

Built-in GPS positioning system, the location information can be automatically reported to the crew or the control center. With the 2-inch color screen and built-in electronic maps,U3 Radio can directly displayed the map and mark the location of their own and other team members on the radio screen, which allows you to quickly grasp more accurately the distribution and movement situation crew.


Used As Repeater Under DMR Standard

Under the DMR standard, U3 Radio can be used as a portable repeater, so that the communication distance is doubled.


Take Photo And Transfer Image

Built-in camera, You can capture live images, such as fire scene,and attached in the photo with GPS location information, voice annotation, text annotation and so on. Users can send photos via radio frequency, the receiver can display directly on the radio on the photo and see annotation information.


 Database Query Function

U3 has a database function,so that you can use the control panel or personal computer send the Missing Persons, car theft, Wanted, construction drawings, maps, weather conditions and other data to the radio by using the remote or direct connection,, which allow the radio users real-time access to such information. In addition, the data stored-in radios can send by radio to radio.

 Data transmission modem

U3 smart radios, according to customer needs, can be customized as digital transmission modem, make your data communications more secure and confidential. When in remote areas or public network paralysis, the information can be more real-time transmission through U3 and ensure the smooth flow of your work.


AES-256 level, Applies to both analog and digital modes, and fully guarantee the safety of your communications while allowing you enjoy digital-grade voice call quality even in analog systems.


U3 supports many air command (OTA) function, the captain can send members: ①remote monitoring and recording,②temporary ban transceiver News (remote halo and resurrection), ③temporary embargo, ④Air Murder (Stun) and remove All data, ⑤Remote GPS position return, ⑥temporary lifting of call time, ⑦temporarily add / remove channels, ⑧ remote control system: such as air commands.


U3 recording function with sound recording shortcuts, making you quickly leave important site information and call logs. High-quality recording, up to 7 hours of recording length, which fully meet your service needs.


U3 external emergency alarm button, having the function of fallen alarm, falling alarm and still alarm. In case of emergency, U3 will automatically  ignore the channel busy issue and send a distress signal in maximum output power. After receiving a distress signal the captain can send OTA to command the radio automatically to returns the GPS position which can be displayed on the screen of the captain’s radio. Captain can also start remote monitoring function, directly monitoring on-site voice or communicating whit the on-site radio.

Good Quality

By ALT (product life accelerated aging) tests; meet U.S. military standard MIL-STD-810 C / D / E / F / G; through the U.S. FCC certification; Certified by IC in Canada; U3 waterproof IP67 dust and waterproof rating models through certification in harsh environments can be used normally.



Frequency Range 30-88 MHz/136~174 MHz/330~520 MHz
Channel Spacing 12.5kHz 25kHz
Channel Capacity 16 knob settings with 64 zones = 1024
Transmission Modes FM Analog Voice FM Digital Voice (optional)
RF Input/output Impedance 50Ω nominal
Power Input 7.4V nominal
Data Interface USB
Dimensions 167 ± 10 x 68 ± 10 x 45 ± 10mm
Weight 580g
Color/Finish Black / Mat finish
Battery Life (5/5/90) 9 hours


Antenna (Whip Antenna)
Battery 2400 mAh
Cable Speaker Microphone
2 slot Charger (Radio & Battery)
Programming Cable (optional)
BT Speaker Microphone (optional)
Carrying pack


Digital Protocol P25 UniDMRTM DVOATM
Encryption AES-256
dual band GPS + 2way antenna 45cm, 85cm
Scan Priority Scan Full Band Scan
Voice Record
Bluetooth radio
3D motion sensor
GPS Map Display
Image and file transmission
Database functions
GPS receiver
Transmitter noise pre-processor


Frequency stability ± 0.5ppm
Sensitivity Analog FM sensitivity (12 dB SINAD): 12.5 kHz BW: 0.18 μV typical 25 kHz BW: 0.20 μV typical Digital Sensitivity: 5% BER @ 0.19 μV typical
Adjacent Channel Selectivity 12.5KHz BW: 56.2 dB typical 25kHz BW: 64.6 dB typical
Rated Audio 2 W
Squelch Selectable
Spurious Rejection 70 dB min
Audio distortion @ rated audio less than 2%
FM Hum and Noise 12.5kHz BW: 44 dB 25 kHz BW: 50 dB
Audio response TIA603C
Conducted Spurious Emission better than -57 dBm


Power Output Low Power>0.6 W min, 0.7 W typical High Power>1.8 W min, 2.2 W typical
Frequency Stability ± 0.5ppm
Harmonic Suppression 25kHz >46dBc
Adjacent Channel 12.5Hz:60dBm 25kHz: 65dBm
FM Hum & Noise 12.5kHz: > 46 dB 25kHz: > 51 dB
Audio Response TIA 603
Audio Distortion Less than 2%


Operating Temperature -20~60oC (with Battery)
-30~60oC (Radio only)
Test Method MIL-STD-810
Humidity 90% per MIL-STD-810
IP Standard IP 67
Thermal Shock Per MIL-STD-810G
ESD IEC 6100-4-2
Packaging test Per MIL-810D and E
Storage Temperature -40~+85oC

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