Guangzhou ComArt Communications Equipment
Multi-Communication Platform Exchanger

1. Description

Full Function Repeater/MCPE is a variety of different platforms interconnected communication systems, it offers the function for a variety of communication system of different platforms to data, and let the communication systems to do voice calls/receive or send SMS or data message although they have different platforms. It will store the call record and voice call/SMS/data message。 The communication platform MCPE can connect to as follow:

①Radio/ Wireless intercom telephone

②GSM Mobile Phone

③PSTN Cord Phone

④VOIP IP Phone

2. Key Feature

Connecting Repeater

Switching systems are connected by Internet/Intranet, as the result the repeater connected to the switching systems can communicate each other, so that it can fully extend communication range. By MCPE switching systems, the radios belongs to different repeaters an call each other or send data message, which we call it cross-region radio communication and cross- frequency radio communication.

Store Data

The communication information between the radios managed by the same repeater, will be store in the database by MCPE switching system, which make us easily sort data.

Roaming function

Switching system providing the roaming function, when the radios roam to other repeater radio area, it can communicate with the equipments of the original repeater radio area.

Making Calls

Radios can make calls to or receive calls from other communication systems (GSM/PSTN/VOIP System) by accessing MCPE switching system, doing voice/data communication, which let your communication unimpeded.

Emergency Calls

MCPE switching system provides the function for setting emergency notification. The emergency calls from radios can be sent to the specified phone although this phone is in other communication system (GSM/PSTN/VOIP System).

Date Query

The switching system will record and store all calls for and offer the query function. You can also get the information on voice calls/SMS/data communication from the switching system.  

GPS Tracking Data

MCPE switching system will automatically record and store the GPS location tracking data, from which you can get it.

Manage Repeaters

The switching system has the function for managing and setting the working parameters configuration

Monitor Usage of System

The switching system will automatically record and store the GPS location of repeaters, recording all the communication between radios and repeaters, so that it can analysis the use of system equipment.

Voice/Email Box

The switching system also provides voice/email box, the users of radio/VOIP/PSTN/GSM communication system can leave message to each other or read their message.     


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