Guangzhou ComArt Communications Equipment
Bluetooth PTT & Mic Ring

1. Product Description

Comart Co., Ltd providing a new generation of Bluetooth PTT & Mic ring, which not only can connect to the U3 smart radios to be used for call via Bluetooth, but also can integrate the horn on itself. Its mini volume, variety of purposes, ergonomic design, makes it be your best choice.  

2. Key Feature

One push-button start, it is Simple and convenient.

Press the power button then it will quickly start.

Equipped with advanced Vox function

After activate the Vox function, you can directly start the host-side launching operation without pressing the PTT button.

Equipped with a variety of ways to start launch voice function

After connect to the equipment, you can send voice calls via Vox function or open the emission function by setting the voice instructions. It makes you easy to send calls, and let you no longer confined to press the PTT button to speak.

3. Specifications

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